Runaway Robot is an interactive choose-your-own adventure game for high school and college students that explores the relationships between science and religion in American history. It engages student curiosity, individual identities and experiences, and ideas about the world. 

This resource was developed by the Center for the Understanding of Religion in American History at the National Museum of American History, and is associated with the exhibition, Discovery and Revelation: Religion, Science, and Making Sense of Things.  

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Lauren Safranek, Program Manager and Creative Developer of the Center for the Understanding of Religion in American History 

Abby Pfisterer, Education Specialist 

Andrew Ali Aghapour, PhD, Writer and consulting scholar 

Amanda Bowen, Project Manager for Exhibitions 

Cassie Mancer, Project Manager, Interactive Development 

David McOwen, New Media Specialist 

Orlando Serrano, Jr., PhD, Manager of Youth and Teacher programs 

Peter Manseau, PhD, Director of the Center for the Understanding of Religion in American History 

Matthew McArthur, Director of New Media 

Leslie Poster, Editor 

María Eugenia Hidalgo, Translator

Interactive Knowledge Inc, Web development



Discovery and Revelation and Runaway Robot were generously made possible by Lilly Endowment Inc., the John Templeton Foundation, the Foundation for Religious Literacy and H. Bruce McEver, and Ambassador Nicholas F. Taubman and Mrs. Eugenia L. Taubman. 



All images belong to the National Museum of American History unless listed below. 

Neural Net: Gift of Center for Healthy Minds at the University of Wisconsin, Madison 

Earthrise: Courtesy of NASA 

Buddhist teacher Dru-gu Choegyal Rinpoche: ©Cary Wolinsky 2003 

Apollo 11 Christmas Eve reading: Courtesy of NASA 

Peyote Plate: Photo by NMAI Photo Services. National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian Institution, 25/3662 

Barbara McClintock Portrait: © American Philosophical Society Library—Barbara McClintock Papers/National Library of Medicine 

Cotton Mather Portrait: Courtesy of Library of Congress 

Smallpox Pamphlet: Courtesy National Library of Medicine 

Henrietta Lacks Portrait: Henrietta Lacks (HeLa): The Mother of Modern Medicine by Kadir Nelson, 2017  Loan from Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery and National Museum of African American History and Culture; gift from Kadir Nelson and JKBN Group, LLC 

Deep learning. Mindfulness. Psychology: iStock.com/metamorworks 

Mad Scientist: iStock.com/Jason_V 

Heart inside brain: iStock.com/AlexLMX 

Stack of books: iStock.com/artisteer 

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Neighbors at block party: iStock/com/monkeybusinessimages 

Sunrise: Courtesy of NPS Photo/Sal Pollina 

Man looking up at sky: Courtesy of Savana Jones 

Tree: Courtesy of New York Public Library 

Peyote Plant: Courtesy of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service 

I am Vaccinated sticker: Gift of Kathryn Gansler in memory of Cynthia Chatterjee 

Covid vaccine materials: Donated by Northwell Health